Textile Auxiliaries

Textile auxiliaries are essential chemicals in the process of textile production. They play a vital role in improving the product quality and added value of textiles, as well as enhancing various functionalities and styles. Additionally, textile auxiliaries can optimize dyeing and finishing processes, leading to energy savings and cost reduction. Based on the production stages in the textile industry, textile auxiliaries can be classified into pre-treatment auxiliaries, dyeing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, and finishing auxiliaries.

The following is the list of textile auxiliaries:

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

product Name Brand Description
Detergent P101
Witschem Excellent capacity of removing oil and dirty, can be used for all kind of fabrics.
Scouring Agent P201
Witschem Desizing, Scouring and bleaching one-bath of pure cotton and blending fabrics.
Hydro Peroxide Stabilizer P301
Witschem Used for pre-treatment for cellulous fiber.
Chelating Agent P401
Witschem Alcohol Ether Carboxylic Acid Sodium Salt
Chelating  and Dispersing Agent P402
Excellent ability of chelating metallic ions, and strong ability of removing and dispersing loose color.
Defoamer P501
Excellent ability of de-foaming and resistance in de-foaming.

Dyeing Auxiliaries

product Name Brand Description
Fixing agent D101
Witschem Fixing function for reactive dyes, direct dyes and printed fabric
Fixing agent D102
Witschem Fixing function for reactive dyes, direct turquoise blue dyes.
Cotton leveling agent D201
Witschem Excellent leveling and migration capacity in the dyeing process of cotton and blending fabrics
Acid leveling agent D202
Witschem Excellent leveling and migration capacity in the dyeing process of Wool, nylon, blending fabrics and so on
High temperature leveling agent D203
Excellent leveling and migration capacity in the dyeing process of polyester and blending fabrics.

Cotton soaping agent D301
Witschem Excellent dispersing and soaping capacity, used in the soaping process of cotton dyeing
Friction fastness improver D401
Witschem Cotton fiber and its blended treated by Sulphur, reactive or direct dyes, fixing after dyeing
Soda Ash Substitute D501
Witschem Soda ash substitute for dyeing process

Basic Amino Silicone Oils

product Name Brand Description
Elkem Amino Silicone Oils
Elkem C845, C803, C910
Elkem Low Cyclic Amino Silicone Oils
Elkem L0340L, L5040L, L1090L
Wits Amino Softeners
Witschem WT-1500, WT-1800, WS-1100, WS-1200, WN-4500

Block Silicone Softeners

product Name Brand Description
Witschem Improved version of DERMA silicone product, soft and elastic style
Witschem Dry and smooth, soft and elastic, hydrophilic
Witschem Dry and smooth, stiff and elastic, hydrophilic
Witschem Fluffy and skin friendly feel,  does not reduce the original hydrophilicity of the fabric. Especially suitable for nylon
Soft hand feel, super long-lasting hydrophilicity, can be used as a darkening agent

Witschem Improved version of SRS, especially suitable for soft elastic finishing of T/C blended fabrics and core-spun yarns
Witschem Soft, fluffy, delicate, and greasy feel
Witschem Soft slippery style, similar to SRS
Witschem Hydrophilic silicone oil suitable for chemical fibers, with a dry and smooth feel
Witschem Soft and non slippery feel, used for yarn feel finishing or soft finishing on nylon
Witschem Dry, smooth and skeletal feel, elasticity, semi-hydrophilic crude oil, with a slightly stiff feel
Witschem DERMA derivatives, with  slippery feel
Witschem DERMA derivatives, with  slightly soft feel

Demin Washing Auxiliaries

product Name Brand Description
Anti back stainer DW 101
Witschem Outstanding anti-dyeing effect, when used on elastic fabrics, elasticity protecting agent is needed
Anti back stainer DW 102
Witschem Outstanding anti-dyeing effect, no need for elasticity protecting agent
Elasticity protecting agent DW201
Witschem Protecting the spandex in denim fabric
Fluffy softening oil 222 plus
Witschem Soft and fluffy plant-based softener
Hydrophilic softening oil 229
Soft and fluffy softening oil, with excellent hydrophilicity